Microgreens Seeds

Microgreens seeds grow baby salad greens, a little bit like sprouts, but grown in soil. While sprouting seeds need to germinate quickly so the seeds don’t rot, microgreens can be planted just like any other herb or vegetable seeds. That means that seeds with longer germination requirements can still be grown as microgreens. Think of basil, carrots, spinach, and any other edible greens. It’s useful to learn how to grow microgreens, because you can grow them indoors all winter for a nutritious source of fresh vegetables. If we have to make one recommendation, it has to be Sunflower Microgreens (MG435). They’re just so unusual, with a delicious flavour you would never expect without trying them. Unlike many other types of microgreens, these are large and substantial, and they work really well with any kind of dressing.

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  • Amaranth Microgreens Seeds MG519-1

    Microgreen Amaranth Seeds

  • Microgreen Arugula Seeds

    Microgreen Arugula Seeds

  • Microgreen Beet Seeds MG175-1

    Microgreen Beet Seeds

  • Microgreen Broccoli Organic

    Microgreen Broccoli Organic

  • Microgreen Kale Seeds MG426-1

    Microgreen Kale Seeds

  • Microgreen Mustard Seeds MG556-1

    Microgreen Mustard Seeds

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    Microgreen Pac Choi Seeds

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    Microgreen Pea Shoots

  • Microgreen Sunflower Seeds

    Microgreen Sunflower Seeds

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    Microgreen Swiss Chard Seeds

  • Two Week Microgreen Seeds

    Two Week Microgreen Seeds

  • Three Week Microgreen Seeds

    Three Week Microgreen Seeds