Kale Seeds

Kale Seeds

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Kale contains the highest levels of beta-carotene of any green vegetable, is high in vitamin C and has lots of calcium. Collards are not far behind. All are easy to grow, vigorous, nutritious, resistant to cold, easy to harvest and prepare. Kale seeds are very easy to grow and are winter hardy, making it an ideal vegetable for the winter-harvest garden. Kale even get sweeter after frost. Choose from over 12 hardy varieties.

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  • Abundance Kale Seeds KL447

    Abundance Kale

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  • Darkbor Kale Seeds KL440-1


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  • Dwarf Green Curled Kale Seeds

    Dwarf Green Curled

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  • Ethiopian Kale Seeds

    Ethiopian Kale

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  • Improved Siberian

    Improved Siberian

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  • Lacinato kale Seeds KL425 1


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  • Lacinato Organic

    Lacinato Organic

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  • Osaka Pink Hybrid

    Osaka Pink Hybrid

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  • Rainbow Lacinato Organic Kale Seeds

    Rainbow Lacinato Organic

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  • Red Russian

    Red Russian

    4.5 out of 5
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  • Red Russian Organic

    Red Russian Organic

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  • Red Ursa Organic Kale Seeds KL431-1

    Red Ursa Organic

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