Arugula Seeds

Arugula Seeds

Product Description

Arugula seeds grow best as a cool-season salad green. The many sizes and shapes of Arugala have exploded in popularity in North America in the last 20 years. Arugula seeds are very easy to grow, the seedlings grows quickly. The tender leaves add a mildly spicy touch to fresh salads. The greens can be cooked, as well, and make an incredible topping for pizza. Arugula tends to bolt as hot weather approaches, and its leaves become a bit tougher and distinctly hotter in flavour. So we like to grow arugula from early spring to early summer, and then from the end of summer right into winter. If provided with some protection from frost, arugula will happily grow in the low-light conditions of winter – when it maintains its mildest flavour.

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  • Adagio Arugula Seeds MS503-1


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  • Astro Arugula Seeds MS483-1


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  • Astro Organic

    Astro Organic

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  • Dragons Tongue

    Dragons Tongue

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  • Grazia Organic Arugula Seeds MS505-1

    Grazia Organic

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  • Wasabi Arugula Seeds

    Wasabi Arugula

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  • Wild Arugula

    Wild Arugula

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  • Wildfire Arugula Seeds MS490-1


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