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Grow Amaranth Seeds varieties for their tasty and tender young leaves, for their beautiful and long-lasting flowers, or even for the seeds of the grain varieties. Amaranth grain has been harvested since ancient times, and amaranth was one of the basic foods of the Incas. Amaranth grain is unusually high in complete protein, but has no gluten. It can be eaten as a grain (like one would eat rice or quinoa), or ground into flour. The leaves of several amaranth species are enjoyed as cooked greens around the world, particularly in India, Fiji, and China. Whether you’re growing amaranth seeds for greens or grains, they are all very attractive plants that work equally well in the flower or vegetable bed.

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  • Companion Planting with Amaranth Seeds

    Burgundy Organic

  • Green Tails

    Green Tails

  • Hopi Red Dye Amaranth Seeds MU560-1

    Hopi Red Dye Organic

  • Red Leaf Amaranth Seeds MU519-1

    Red Leaf Amaranth