Lavender Seeds

Bring the essence of Provence, France to your home by planting lavender seeds. Lavender in containers, as an edging for the flower or vegetable bed, or planted in drifts has stunning purple spires with a dreamy aroma. To dry lavender, harvest before the buds open and then use as an addition to Herbes de Provence or to make fragrant sachets and bouquets.

Choose from four varieties of lavender seeds, each with its own special characteristics. Lady Lavender and Spanish Eyes are tender perennials that are often grown as annuals as they bloom the first year. The Dwarf Munstead is a compact perennial. French Lavender is a tender perennial with distinct purple flower bracts. All lavenders are easy maintenance, drought resistant, and deer resistant. If you have a hot, dry location with poor soil, it will be perfect for lavender. Start the seeds in early spring with bottom heat. Exercise patience as lavender seed can take several weeks to germinate. The Romans evidently used lavender in their bathwater; the word is derived from the latin word “lava” to wash.

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    Dwarf Munstead

  • French Lavender

    French Lavender

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    Spanish Eyes