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Basil Seeds

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Fresh basil from the garden means summer has arrived. Choose from our 18 Basil Seeds varieties to grow a unique flavour and colour of basil. There are basil seeds for pungent pesto, colourful garnishing, and spicy international dishes. Start basil seeds indoors with bottom heat in late spring to plant out once summer has truly arrived. To prolong the harvest, keep the basil trimmed and plan a second planting in mid summer. If you have a hard time accepting the end of summer and basil, try growing basil as a microgreen in the Growlight Garden. Have fun trying different mixes of green basil and basil mixed with other herbs to produce a unique pesto.

The plant owes its aromatic and variable nature to a complex combination of chemicals, expressed uniquely in each variety. Many of the components that distinguish the different varieties of basil are also found in the foods they resemble. For instance, the clove-scented basils contain higher proportions of a chemical called eugenol, which is also found in cloves. Lemon basil contains significant quantities of citral, which gives lemon peel its distinctive smell. Anethole is the chemical that gives basil its licorice-like aroma, and anethole is also found in anise, true licorice, and fennel. This game of scents demonstrates one aspect of plant chemistry in plain, easily observed terms. It also offers a worthy and educational challenge for kids.

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