Container Gardening

If you are a container gardener in an apartment, have limited space for growing, or you just want to grow more vegetables than you can fit in your garden, then here is your opportunity. Almost everything can be grown in a container. The biggest concern you have when Container  Gardening is that the plants need direct sunlight. In the case of vegetables, this is usually “full” sun, except for some salad greens, which do fine in dappled light or part sun.

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  • Redy-Bed Raised Cedar Bed HG967-1

    Cedar Raised Bed

    5 out of 5
  • Cube Modular Garden HG945-1

    Cube Modular Garden

  • Garden Twine and Decorative Tin

    Garden Twine and Decorative Tin

  • GeoPots with Handles HG962-1

    GeoPots with Handles

  • HG962_Hanging-GeoPot-1

    Hanging GeoPots

  • Original Snip n Drip Soaker System HG947 1

    Original Snip-n-Drip Soaker System

  • Plant Nanny HG007-2

    Plant Nanny

  • Pot Pads

    Pot Pads

  • All Season Potato Bag Combo

    Potato Grow Bags

  • Raised Bed Corners HG952-2

    Raised Bed Corners

  • Seedling Warmer ZHG126-1

    Seedling Warmers

    5 out of 5
  • Seedling Warmer Thermostat

    Seedling Warmer Thermostat