Wildflower Seeds

Our wildflower blends are colourful and beautiful as well as beneficial for your garden. Wildflower blends are used by landscapers, garden designers, and home gardeners to fill in large spaces with low-maintenance plants that will bloom over a long period and return in the years to come. Planting wildflowers has the added benefit of providing much needed forage space for pollinators. The bees will thank you by nesting nearby and helping pollination occur in your  garden.

Bloom time: Spring to frost.

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  • Alternative Lawn Mix

    Alternative Lawn Mix

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  • Alternative Lawn Wildflower Seeds Sprinkle Bag

    Alternative Lawn Sprinkle Bag

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  • Bee Garden Blend

    Bee Garden Blend

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  • Beneficial Insect Blend

    Beneficial Insect Blend

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  • Butterfly Blend

    Butterfly Blend

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  • Butterfly Garden Sprinkle Bag

    Butterfly Garden Sprinkle Bag

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  • Deer Resistant Wildflower Seeds Sprinkle Bag

    Deer Resistant Sprinkle Bag

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  • Deer Resistant Wildflower Blend

    Deer Resistant Wildflower Seeds

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  • Hummingbird Blend

    Hummingbird Blend

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  • Meadow Blend Short

    Meadow Blend Short

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  • Meadow Blend Tall

    Meadow Blend Tall

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  • Moist Meadow Blend Wildflower Seeds Ingredients

    Moist Meadow Blend

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