Sweet Pea Seeds

Colour, fragrance, and cottage garden charm are all embodied in sweet peas. There are climbing varieties that appreciate a trellis, non-climbing varieties that suit garden beds and borders, and dwarf varieties for containers. Sow Sweet Pea seed in the fall in mild, protected, well-drained locations or in the spring in colder, wetter locations. Cut some of the blossoms to bring colour and perfume indoors.

Bloom time: Spring to early summer.

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  • Bijou Dwarf Blend

    Bijou Blend

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  • Butterfly Blend

    Butterfly Blend

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  • Cuthbertson Sweet Pea Seeds


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  • Early Multiflora Swet Peas

    Early Multiflora Blend

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  • High Scent

    High Scent

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  • Janet Scott Sweet Pea Seeds

    Janet Scott

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  • Late Spencer Blend

    Late Spencer Blend

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  • Mammoth Blend

    Mammoth Blend

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  • Matucana


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  • Old Spice Sweet Pea Seeds

    Old Spice Blend

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  • Painted Lady

    Painted Lady

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  • Patio Mix Sweet Pea Seeds

    Patio Mix

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