Gaia Glacial Rock Dust

Gaia Glacial Rock Dust


Gaia Glacial Rock Dust Soil Amendment is a natural mineral product which is produced over many thousands of years by glacial action.... Read More

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More details about Gaia Glacial Rock Dust

Gaia Glacial Rock Dust Soil Amendment is a natural mineral product which is produced over many thousands of years by glacial action. A wide variety of rocks which contain a broad spectrum of trace minerals are collected and pulverized by the expansion/contraction action of the glacier. As the glacier recedes, it leaves behind deposits of  glacial moraine. These deposits are mined, dried, and screened for agricultural and horticultural re-mineralization.

Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust can replace key elements that have been depleted from soil over the years. Replacing these missing minerals increases soil vitality which produces healthier plants. Gaia Green Glacial Dust supplies silicate minerals in a form readily used by soil microbes to create healthy soil. Our Glacial Dust lets the soil re-create the colloids (minerals and humus) which are needed to improve soil structure, moisture holding properties, nutrient availability and bacterial action.

Uses and Advantages-Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust can:
* Increase phosphorus availability.
* Provide an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, plus trace elements and micronutrients.
* Increase moisture holding properties in the soil.
* Improve the cation exchange capacity.
* Improve soil structure and drainage.

Gaia Green Glacial Dust helps restore the correct mineral balance in the soil. When the correct balance is achieved organic matter is turned into humus and the soil becomes a favorable environment for a host of beneficial molds, fungi, bacteria and earthworms. When this happens, the living soil becomes a buffer to the many variables gardeners must contend with. You cannot over apply Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust! It will not burn!

Typical Analysis (micrograms per gram)


Lithium 14.00
Beryllium 1.29
Boron 15.00
Sodium 17400
Magnesium 11700
Aluminium 47100
Silicon 980
Phosphorus 970
Calcium 14000
Scandium 9.70
Titanium 4720
Vanadium 151
Chromium 105
Manganese 883
Iron 38300
Cobalt 20.90
Nickel 64
Copper 52.50
Zinc 120
Gallium 15.60
Germanium 0.40
Arsenic 20
Selenium <1.0
Rubidium 16.40
Strontium 255
Yttrium 8.63
Zirconium 20.40
Niobium 5.73
Molybdenum 1.13
Ruthenium <0.01
Rhodium 0.01
Silver 0.32
Palladium 0.28
Cadmium 0.38
Tin 1.29
Anitmony 1.04
Tellurium <0.10
Caesium 0.96
Barium 431
Lanthanum 7.63
Cerium 19.10
Praseodymium 2.40
Neodymium 10.30
Samarium 2.34
Europium 0.79
Gadolinium 2.73
Terbium 0.38
Dysprosium 2.50
Holmium 0.46
Erbium 1.33
Thulium 0.19
Ytterbium 1.25
Lutetium 0.18
Hafnium 1.30
Tantalum 0.52
Tungsten 0.80
Rhenium <0.05
Iridium <0.05
Platinum <0.05
Gold 0.05
Mercury <0.05
Thallium 0.34
Lead 9.75
Bismuth 0.10
Thorium 1.48
Uranium 1.51

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