Peas, Pole Beans, Indeterminate Tomatoes and Cucumbers make great vegetables to grow along an arch or trellis. By growing vertically, you’ll get more sun, better air circulation (which also means less chance of disease), and you’ll produce more tomatoes and straighter cucumbers and beans. Watch the video below to learn how to choose the best vegetables for growing up a trellis and see step-by-step instructions to maximize your space and your harvest.

  1. Choosing the right varieties is important
  • For peas, choose a variety that will grow quite tall.
  • For beans, select a pole bean. A bush bean variety won’t grow up a trellis, they will stay compact at about 1’.
  • Parthenocopic cucumber varieties are your best pick to produce abundantly. The benefit of seedless cucumber varieties is that less plants are needed to yield the same amount of harvest as others varieties.
  • When it comes to tomatoes, choose indeterminate (vining) varieties because they will grow higher than determinate varieties which stay quite compact. Indeterminate tomatoes will grow “suckers” at the base of the stem and branches, so pinch those off weekly for a main, single stem to continue growing upward.
  1. Tips on planting and growing vegetables on a trellis or arch
  • Peas and beans do best when direct sown. Cucumbers and tomatoes can be started inside and transplanted out or direct sown in warmer months.
  • Add organic fertilizer when planting or transplanting to ensure that these hungry crops have nutrition they need through the season.
  • When it comes to vining vegetables, the more you harvest, the more will grow. As soon as veggies are at an edible sign, pick them!

Varieties featured in the video:

Other products we recommend that will assist in growing up a trellis or arch:

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