We continue our Twenty-One Days of Green with a look at an amazing community group. One of our favourite of all gardening organizations is Plant a Row Grow a Row. Quite simply, they encourage gardeners to plant one extra row of food to donate to their local food bank. This gives families crucial access to fresh, locally grown produce in an environment that normally leans heavily on donations of processed foods in boxes and cans.

Across Canada, Plant a Row Grow a Row is connecting growers with food banks and soup kitchens. They also provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up local programs on their website, with tried and true tips for successful campaigns.

Plant a Row Grow a RowPlant a Row Grow a Row
We encourage all community gardens, school gardens, and home gardeners to Commit to Grow, and consider growing generously with your local food bank in mind. It’s useful to contact the food bank and consult with them on the kinds of produce that are most needed. Not all food banks are set up to receive a truckload of pumpkins, for instance. But fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs will all find likely homes.

Click here to download the Plant a Row Grow a Row poster.