Commit to Grow for Earth Day. It’s already April, and Earth Day on April 22nd is fast approaching. We love to see people celebrating this important day, but we were wondering what we could do this year to inject some energy into the days and weeks leading up to it. What if we created Twenty-one Days of Green? What if we made a post each day leading up to Earth Day and talked about products, projects, and community groups that our audience could engage with?

We started thinking about our own carbon footprint, and the steps we might take to reduce it. What ways could we, as a company, lead by example? And what hope can we create and share about growing food, gardening for wildlife, and healing the planet?

Here’s our graphic designer, Uma, to launch the Commit-to-Grow campaign:

So for the next three weeks, we’re going to be posting daily blog updates, and sharing some ideas about the small steps we can all take to leave this planet a little bit better than we found it. 

We’re inviting YOU to Commit-to-Grow just one food item this year. Something you might normally buy at a grocery store that you could, instead, plant at home. We have some suggestions coming in the following days, and we hope you’ll come along with us.