Author and blogger Andrea Bellamy recommends these varieties for container growing on balconies and in other small spaces. These seeds are perfect for the urban grower or part-time farmer who lacks garden space, but wants to grow a little food.

Plant these seeds in pots with good drainage holes using store-bought, bagged potting soil.

Maxibel filet organic bush – Excellent flavour, super productive compact plants. Use a 5 gallon pot or larger.
Sugar Ann snap pea – Bushy plants that don’t need a trellis. Use a 5 gallon pot or larger.
Sungold cherry tomato – Tall vine plants that do need a trellis, but what flavour! Use a 5 gallon pot or larger.
Red Sails looseleaf lettuce – Deep red lettuce that is very slow to bolt. Use a 3 gallon pot or larger. Window boxes work well.
Ancho peppers – Mild heat, outstanding flavour. Use a 3 to 5 gallon pot.
Astro organic arugula – Fast growing salad greens that will grow year round. Use any pot.
Mizuna organic – Another fast growing salad green that produces 12 months of the year. Use any pot.
Lacinato kale – Pick as needed, big, ornamental kale plants. Use a 5 gallon pot or larger.
Peppermint chard – Harvest this decorative and delicious crop at any time of the year. Use 5 gallon pots or larger.
Seaside spinach – The best tasting spinach around. Grow from Autumn to early summer in 3 gallon pots or larger.
Sweet basil – The easy herb that positively describes summer. Use any deep pot.
Chives – You will be amazed that you ever lived without fresh chives. Nearly any pot will do.
Santo Long Standing cilantro – Super fast and fresh. A cool-season herb. Nearly any pot will do.
Gaillardia – Grow for colour, not for eating. Excellent in containers 3 gallons or larger.
Snow Cloth Alyssum – Sweet smelling, attractive to pollinators, and just nice to have around. Any pot will do.