The mission of the Free Library of Philadelphia is to advance literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity. Its vision is to build an enlightened community devoted to lifelong learning. Our To-Go & Grow Free Seed Library was inspired by my own inability to grow tomatoes or anything that needs a trellis in my small apartment. The leftover seeds were just sitting around and I decided to use a card catalogue to start a small seed library that has grown to become three card catalogues. We also have a propagation station that can get people started immediately instead of waiting for seeds to grow.

We support 500 various individuals have used our To-Go&Grow Free Seed Library from all over the world. My Department of Science and Wellness is dedicated to teaching the public how to grow food, learn about the eco-system and be aware of horticulture. Our program teaches inner city children about growing food and how everything is connected.

The rewards of growing something to fruition can instill a sense of accomplishment. We have a 3-gallon Aquaponics tank donated from Back to the Roots Organization that houses our resident fish Cyan Whale-Ness in our Department of Science & Wellness that grows a crop of micro-radish, micro-arugula and wheatgrass once a month. He is about to finish his 9th crop.

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