There are various methods to harvest marine phytoplankton. At MARPHYL Marine Phytoplankton, we implement a natural, wild, and sustainable approach. 

First, ocean water is pumped from the deeps of the Georgia Strait into tanks located on shore next to the Pacific Ocean. In this environment, the wild and multi-species phytoplankton naturally reproduce in significant quantities. This reproduction takes place under natural sunlight and environmental conditions, contributing to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and generating oxygen at a remarkable scale — equivalent to the oxygen production of a 7-hectare forest. 

Initially, a milliliter of water contains around 800 phytoplankton cells, but as the water is exposed to natural sunlight and the company's patented process, the phytoplankton multiply. At the harvesting stage, a milliliter of water contains approximately 128 million cells of marine phytoplankton. To nullify impact on marine life, at harvesting stage, a part of the production is returned to the ocean with more phytoplankton cells that were initially taken. This approach ensures a 100% sustainable production that respects the marine environment. 

After harvesting, the phytoplankton that is kept is left to ferment, allowing it to break down and release nutrients that can directly benefit plants and vegetable gardens as described above. This process ensures that the valuable nutrients from the phytoplankton are made available for plant growth, helping flowers and houseplants thrive and vegetable gardeners ensure healthy, bountiful harvests. 

MARPHYL is a company dedicated to bringing organic and environmentally safe products made of wild and multi species marine phytoplankton. One of these products is their best seller OMRI Certified Organic Liquid Soil Enhancer / Fertilizer that is good for all types of plants, flowers, vegetables gardens, lawns, trees etc. MARPHYL is a proud member of the Buy BC program as well as is B Corp Certified, which is a testimony to their commitment to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.