Here's how to make a natural, healthy soil factory with bokashi composting and turn valuable food waste into rich compost in just 6 weeks. Watch the video and follow the steps below to get started.   

Regular composting can take months to do, bokashi speeds up the process using anaerobic fermentation. This creates a compost full of microorganisms that will help your plants absorb nutrients more effectively.

The process is simple with the bokashi bin. Start by cutting up your food waste into smaller pieces which will break down much faster. (Cooked food and meat can also be composted through bokashi) Add a one inch layer and sprinkle the bokashi bran on top. Ideally 1 teaspoon is enough, but more can be added. The bran acts as a compost accelerator.

Repeat the process until the bin is full, and every 3-4 days, drain out the liquid from the bottom. The liquid can be used to water your garden, but make sure you dilute to 100-1 ratio as it will be acidic. Use a paper to push the food down, this will remove air pockets. When the bin is full, close the lid and wait 2 weeks.

To make the soil factory, use a large tote bin and fill the bottom with a 4-5 inch layer of garden soil. Place the fermented bokashi bin on top and spread evenly. Top of with another 4-5 inch layer of garden soil. For ventilation, drill a few small holes on the top edge of the tote bin and store in a cool dry place away from the sun. This will take another 2-4 weeks for the food to break down, leaving you with a rich finished compost. You can use the entire batch to plant a vegetable or amend into your garden beds. Water before and after application.

We believe in having a natural healthy garden soil and bokashi composting is one of the ways that it can be done. Follow along on Instagram @plantedinthegarden, YouTube @plantedinthegarden, and TikTok @plantedinthegarden.