Non GMO Seeds

West Coast Seeds Staff

We are proud to carry only non-GMO seeds

Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEO) have been engineered by introducing the genes of an unrelated species. There are many concerns about the results and ethics of genetic engineering. Unlike hybridization, genetic engineering cannot occur without  human intervention. The term “Genetically Engineered Organism” is defined by Canadian and US regulators. In the European Union, the preferred term is “Genetically Modified Organism (GMO),” non GMO which can lead to some confusion. You can learn more about non GMO seeds by reading our definitions in the Glossary section of the West Coast Seeds website. We encourage you to have a clear understanding of what these terms mean. The selling of GE Organisms is a highly regulated industry. To the best of our knowledge, West Coast Seeds does not knowingly carry or sell any GEO products, West Coast Seeds is a signatory of the Safe Seed Pledge.