Pollinator Companions Pack

Developed in Partnership with Elk Root Conservation, introducing the ultimate gardening duo that promises to transform your green space and benefit local communities.

Certified Organic Cherry Tomato & Chamomile

100% Sales Donated to Elk Root Conservation

Every purchase supports Elk Root Conservation, a not-for-profit organization that is addressing hunger relief in a sustainable way. Their mission is to nourish vulnerable community members and sustain pollinators while diverting food waste and diminishing agriculture’s carbon footprint.

1 Packet, 2 Varieties, Endless Possibilities

Easy to grow and suitable for nearly any garden space, from patios and home gardens to small market farms.

Organic Sunrise Bumblebee Cherry Tomato

Incredibly sweet flavourand very productive with visually stunning golden-streaked skins.

Organic Chamomile

More than just a pretty flower to dry for tea, it attracts pollinators to ensure a thriving ecosystem.

Pollinator Companions Pack

Sustainable Outcomes 

Play a role in supporting pollinators. Chamomile’s blooms are a welcoming haven for vital creatures, ensuring their populations thrive alongside your flourishing plants. It’s a win-win for you and our pollinator friends!

Grow Anywhere 

Suitable for nearly any controlled garden space, from cozy patios to expansive backyards, and even small market farms. Detailed growing instructions on the packet help you confidently grow a bountiful harvest.

Top Quality

Enjoy a bountiful harvest and an unforgettable season of growth. Certified organic seeds are untreated and perfect for organic garden spaces. Seeds included meet or exceed Canada No. 1 standards for germination rates.

Support Elk Root Conservation

Elk root interns growing food.

About Elk Root Conservation

West Coast Seeds is grateful to partner with and support Elk Root Conservation.

Elk Root Conservation’s mission is to alleviate food insecurity and inspire ecological stewardship by offering inclusionary and empowering learning opportunities through research, innovation, and hands-on education. Learn more on their website or by following them on social media @elkrootconservation.