Baby leaf lettuces are bred for their appeal at an immature stage. As baby greens they have traits that are particularly attractive for salad mixes. The leaves are succulent and tasty, with good texture, and they come in a variety of shapes.

For growers

Because these lettuces are ready to harvest in only 35 days from planting, they make very good sense for market growers. In fact, many of our grower customers depend on baby leaf lettuce production to provide reliable income throughout the year. If you can supply to one or two restaurant accounts, your income is set in stone.

Baby Salad Greens

For home gardeners

These lettuces can be grown in simple trays, using very little soil, and they can also be grown under artificial lights like the Growlight Garden. By staggering the planting time, you can have fresh, ready-to-pick lettuce greens in your own kitchen twelve months of the year!

Even better, these baby leaf lettuce seeds are certified organic, which means their parent plants are guaranteed to never have come in contact with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or seed treatments. Like all lettuces, they are open pollinated, not hybridized, and far from genetically engineered. You know what you are eating when you grow these seeds out.

Aerostar (LT500) – A medium-green Romaine with great flavour, good holding ability, and a narrow basal leaf. Smooth, rounded tops that resist folding in the field. This lettuce has a high resistance to downy mildew races 1-27, and intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus. Aerostar does not succumb to tipburn.

Auburn (LT503) is a red Romaine with erect growing dark cherry-red leaves that have a round petiole that tapers nicely to a serrated, narrow attachment. Superb flavour and crisp, delicate texture. Auburn has high resistance to downy mildew and did not show any signs of tipburn in our summer trials.

Gaviota (LT504) – This fast growing tango type has excellent uniformity. Its bright green leaves grow with a semi-erect habit on strong, vigorous plants. High resitance to downy mildew races 1-27, and does not show tipburn even in summer.

Blade (LT501) is a beautiful, extremely upright, uniform, cherry-red oakleaf lettuce with good shelf life and field holding quality. Its pleasant, mild flavour and semi-twisted leaf shape add body to salad mixes. Blade shows a high resistsnace to downy mildew and no sign of tipburn in summer.

Lettony (LT505) – Lettony is a fast-growing, round, wavy, brightly coloured greenleaf with incised edges, narrow basal attachment and thick texture. it also has excellent flavour! High resistance to downy mildew races 1-27, and it showed no sign of tipburn in our summer trials.

Tamarindo (LT506) – This is a new red baby leaf variety with improved texture and yield. Dark red coloured leaves with an erect growing habit. Excellent flavour! Tamarindo has a high resistance to downy mildew races 1-26 and 28, and shows no evidence of tipburn.