The Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (MCAF), founded in 1974, plays a vital role in establishing communication and fostering understanding within the community at large, settled immigrants and newcomers. MCAF accomplishes this by offering programs and services that meet the following goals:

  • to encourage and promote the concept of diversity and inclusion;
  • to provide newcomers to Canada with settlement services, language instruction; employment services and network building within the community;
  • to create an inclusive and welcoming community.

Kids gardening at MCAF
MCAF serves over 3,000 newcomers to Canada in the Greater Fredericton Area, New Brunswick. Our visions are:

  • to foster an environment in which individuals can attain economic self-sufficiency;
  • to make a creative contribution to the community;
  • to take a stand on issues of common concern.

Our mission is to celebrate strength in diversity by enabling the meaningful exchange and full community participation among people of all backgrounds and circumstances.

Plants growing at MCAF Garden
Gardening plays an important role in our daily activities, supporting gardeners’ physical and mental health, food security, access to nutritious food and networking with other gardeners. Through gardening, children develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their own food and fosters an understanding of and appreciation for the nature and food.

West Coast Seeds Donation Sign at MCAF in New Brunswick
With support from community organizations including West Coast Seeds, this year, MCAF distributed seeds and seedlings to over 50 newcomer youth and adults to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers in their backyard. Afterschool children participated in planting seeds and seedlings in the newly built MCAF Rainbow of Culture Family Garden.

Rainbow of Culture Family Garden at MCAF
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