2017 Fundraising Program

For schools, teams, and other community based, not-for-profit organizations.

Eat Local, Grow Food, Grow from Seed

Try something new this year and sell West Coast Seeds seed packets as part of your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising with West Coast Seeds

It’s Easy

We offer over 50 of our most popular vegetable, herb and flower seeds for sale.

We supply downloadable order forms for the participants as well as a master order form for the campaign chairperson.

We also supply a web link to easily access direct information on the seeds we are offering for sale under the fundraising program.

Once your orders are gathered and submitted to us, we will process them and prepare them for pick up or shipment within one week.

It’s Profitable

Earn 40% of of your gross sales.

This is a seasonal program that runs from the fall of each year up to June. The ideal time to run your campaign is in January or February as gardeners’ thoughts turn to planting a garden. Its proven to be popular.

Each seed packet we offer ranges from approximately $3 to $6 and is affordable to most people. We find most participants ordering multiple seed packets – resulting in your profits adding up quickly.



If you are interested send us an email at community@westcoastseeds.com and tell us a bit about  your organization and we will be in touch with you with additional information and an application form.



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