Fundraising with Seeds

Note: Due to the overwhelming interest in our Fundraising with Seeds program, we will be closing applications for the 2018 season on Friday, February 8, 2018. If your organization has the plan in the process, please ensure your application is submitted by this date in order to be considered for this year’s program.

All applications received after February 8, 2018, will be considered for the 2019 program and will be contacted in the fall of 2018.

Thanks to everyone for your support of this important program.

Take advantage of an opportunity to fundraise with a product that is good for you! 

Create a School Garden

eat local, grow food, grow from seed.


How it Works

We have selected sixty of our best-selling varieties of flower, vegetable, and herb seed packets to provide “something for everyone”.  
All our seeds are Untreated and Non GE seed, with germination rates exceeding Canada Number One standards. All our seeds are suitable for organic growing. 
Each seed packet sold will earn you 40% profit off the listed packet price.


5 simple steps for a successful campaign


To inquire, please email with details about your fundraising organizations goals. 


As soon as you are approved we will provide you with the materials to launch your campaign. 


For best results we suggest, launching your fundraising campaign between January 1st and May 15th.


Collect your orders and payments. Summarize all your orders and send the completed Master Order Form along with payment for the discounted price to West Coast Seeds to process. You keep the 40% profit directly. 


Distribute seeds, plant and enjoy. 


What do previous fundraisers say about our program?

Erika and her team at West Coast Seeds went above and beyond in their assistance of our school seed fundraiser.  This was our first time working with West Coast Seeds.  They were quick to respond to our questions and were patient and supportive through our entire fundraiser.  



The Board of Viva Chorale was very pleased with our fundraising efforts with West Coast Seeds, and would like to do it again next year, so please put us on your list. We have several ideas about how we could do even better next year, by expanding our members’ seed orders to include family members and neighbours. I am particularly grateful to you, Erika, for helping me deal with an order that came late and I misplaced till the very last moment!  


First off, I would like to thank you and your team at West Coast Seeds for all of your help and assistance with our 2017 fundraiser.  It went amazing! We were able to raise money for our school greenhouse.  You and your team were extremely supportive in answering our questions, providing information and helping us with the entire process.  The seed selection choice was more than enough.  Families had fantastic selection. 

Alix Mac School(Fundraiser for School Greenhouse)

About Us

West Coast Seeds was started in 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Mary Ballon. Mary’s love of gardening and fervent belief in growing food locally has helped motivate a generation of organic gardeners on the West Coast and right across Canada. West Coast Seeds only sells untreated seeds. We specialize in HEIRLOOM and CERTIFIED ORGANIC seeds for your organic growing, with over 750 varieties of open pollinated and hybrid seeds for your selection.


Quality Seeds

Exceptional Service

Thoughtful Goals

  • Untreated Seeds ~ suitable for organic gardening
  • Exclusively Non-GMO/Non-GEO
  • Each seed packet indicates the packing date, germination rate, and lot number, along with planting instructions
  • Complete Fundraising Kit provided to Chairperson
  • Expert Gardeners on staff to answer gardening questions
  • Notification when order is being shipped or ready for pickup
  • Support organic sustainable growing
  • Support groups in their fundraising efforts
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Learn, grow, eat.