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About Amaranth

Burgundy Grain Amaranth Seeds MU516-1
4 Jun

About Amaranth: All Amaranths are annuals or short lived perennials with oval, pointed leaves of various colours, which are followed by minute flowers borne on (sometimes drooping), tassel-like spikes that last until the end of summer. These then give way to copious seeds. Originally spelled “amarant,” the derivation is from the Greek amarantos, meaning “unwilting.”…

Planting for Fall & Winter Harvests

Winter Harvest
2 Jun

Planting for fall & winter harvests has to start in the summer and fall. Just like we sow summer harvest crops in the late winter and spring – it’s the same concept. Did you know that many crops can be harvested from the garden fresh, even after the end of summer? Root crops like carrots…

What’s Happening at West Coast Seeds?

What's Happening at West Coast Seeds?
21 May

We’d like to keep you posted about what’s happening at West Coast Seeds. May 20th, 2017: Late May is the traditional time for our really busy season to begin winding down. This year the nice spring weather seems to have done everything it could to delay its arrival until these last couple of days. But…

Mother’s Day Gift Bag

Mother's Day Gift Bag
9 May

With Mom’s special day fast approaching, we put together a simple Mother’s Day gift bag you can print at home. Cut it out from the template and follow our instructions for folding and gluing (or taping) into its final shape. Add a ribbon for a touch of style. The gift bag is the perfect size…

Snails and Slugs

Snails and Slugs
3 May

These gastropods (Snails and Slugs) are a fact of life in damp coastal BC. Two factors, however, can be used to minimize their impact on your organic vegetable garden. First, they shun sunlight, and are mostly active at night. Second, they require ample moisture to thrive and breed. The organic gardener’s best control is to…

Commit to Grow Day 14: Wildlife

Planting for Wildlife
15 Apr

One of the amazing opportunities facing all gardeners and farmers is planting for wildlife — or, at least, growing food with biodiversity in mind. Organic gardeners understand that soil health is inherently dependent on robust biodiversity in the soil. Earthworms, invertebrates, fungi, bacteria, and many other organisms play different roles in the breaking down of…

Commit to Grow Day 8: School Gardens

Commit to Grow School Gardens
9 Apr

At West Coast Seeds we are huge fans of school gardens. Nothing beats seeing a class of happy, engaged kids learning about how soil works, and how to grow food from seed. The match seems so natural, and yet school gardens are a relatively recent development. It’s hard to imagine an elementary school without a…

Commit to Grow Day 7: Xeriscaping

Commit to Grow for Earth Day Xeriscaping
8 Apr

It’s pronounced “zee-re-scape-ing.” And it’s a key concept for landscapers as we look to a future of water conservation and climate change. It’s worth mentioning again in this series of Twenty-one Days of Green leading up to Earth Day, because the Earth can’t take much more of water-hogging garden designs. Simply put, xeriscaping is a…

Commit to Grow Day 6: Sprouts

Commit to Grow Sprouts
7 Apr

For the 21 days leading up to Earth Day, we are asking you to Commit to Grow with us. We appreciate that some of you might not even have outdoor gardening space, so today we’re going to talk about Sprouts! Probably the best thing sprouts have going for them is that they can be produced…

Commit to Grow Day 3: PARGAR

Plant a Row Grow a Row
4 Apr

We continue our Twenty-One Days of Green with a look at an amazing community group. One of our favourite of all gardening organizations is Plant a Row Grow a Row. Quite simply, they encourage gardeners to plant one extra row of food to donate to their local food bank. This gives families crucial access to…

Commit to Grow Day 2: Chives

How to Plant Chives
3 Apr

The theme of this Twenty-one Days of Green campaign is to encourage everyone to Commit to Grow just one item that might otherwise be purchased at a grocery store. We love using chives as a place to start. To produce a little container of chives is incredibly simple, but this simple act resonates in surprising…

About Cilantro

About Cilantro
15 Mar

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) This annual herb is known officially as coriander just about everywhere outside of the Americas. We often think of the fresh leaves as cilantro, and the seeds (which are very easy to harvest) as coriander. Cilantro is the Spanish name for coriander. The plant is native to North Africa and Mediterranean Europe,…