Optimax Roma Tomato Seeds



  • High yielding
  • Saladette type roma fruits
  • Fruits 1o 140g (5 oz)
  • Indeterminate

Product Description

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For salsas and sauces, nothing beats the meaty texture of Optimax roma tomatoes. Its tall, indeterminate vines produce loads of plump, oval fruits to 140g (5 oz) in size, popularly known as ‘saladette’ types. The skin is firm but thin over thick, juicy flesh and a small core. Its indeterminate nature means that if the plants are kept picked, the fruits just keep coming over a very long season. Optimax is suited to cool or hot climates for indoor or outdoor growing. This tomato has high resistance to Alternaria, Fusarium races 1 and 2, bacterial speck, and Verticillium wilt.

Matures in 85 days. (Hybrid seeds)


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