Merida Organic Potatoes

Merida Organic


Order now for spring, 2019.


Product Description

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Early season. The tubers of Merida Organic potatoes have smooth yellow skin over light yellow flesh. They have a highly oval shape and very shallow eyes. The flavour is excellent, and the size and shape of the tubers are very uniform. The high yielding plants have great disease resistance and early maturity, and the tubers have a long storage potential.  These little golden spuds are great for steaming, boiling, and roasting.

Order now for spring, 2019.

Seasonal item shipping: Items shipped at specific times of the year such as garlic, potatoes, onion sets, asparagus crowns, mason bee cocoons, nematodes and flower bulbs require special handling. They will be shipped separately as a new order with the applicable regional shipping charges applies. Whenever possible, we will combine your orders to minimize shipping charges.


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