GemStar Organic Seed Potatoes

GemStar Russet Organic


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Product Description

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GemStar Russet Organic seed potatoes are a result from breeding the old standby Gem Russet with an improved Idaho variety that went by the catchy name, A8341-5. GemStar tubers are oblong, slightly elongated, and covered by attractive brown skins. The crisp white flesh is very good for baking and frying, and the French fries take on a superb golden colour. The plants are medium sized, with dark, yellowing green leaves and numerous white flowers.

This variety has high resistance to common scab, powdery scab, and potato virus X. It is moderately resistant to verticillium wilt (V. dahliae), Erwinia soft rot, tuber net necrosis, and corky ringspot. GemStar is susceptible to late blight, fusarium dry rot, and rhizoctonia, with high susceptibility to potato virus Y and leaf roll.

Sold out for 2018

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