Triple Purple Organic Orach MS551-1

Triple Purple Orach


  • Remarkably dark colour
  • Unique, slightly salty flavour
  • Certified organic
  • Unusual salad greens
  • Matures in 21 days

Product Description

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Plant Triple Purple organic orach seeds for the very darkest of all salad greens. This orach variety loves hot weather, and keeps its profound colour while many other greens have gone pale. The succulent savoyed leaves have a refreshing and faintly salty taste that combines beautifully in summer salads. Orach is a cousin of amaranth and quinoa, and it will produce vaguely similar seed heads if left to mature. But orach is better as a baby salad green, and more interesting as such than either amaranth or quinoa. The saltiness of its flavour makes it very distinctive. Your guests will want to know how you grew it!

Matures in 21 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)


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