Stellaria Organic Chickweed Seeds

Stellaria Organic


  • Certified organic seeds
  • Succulent and tasty
  • Very nutritious
  • Grows well in containers

Product Description

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Stellaria media. CERTIFIED ORGANIC! That’s right — the chickweed that gardeners love to hate is also a very edible and tasty salad green. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein, this is one of the tastiest and most succulent of all the wild greens. Take three cuttings or more  from each sowing, or use it as a cover crop — it breaks down as quickly as buckwheat to enrich the soil. Add a handful of Stellaria Organic chickweed to salads, or try some in a sandwich to add the texture of watercress without the peppery heat. It works very well in containers, too.

Matures in 45 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)


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