Red Aztec Organic Orach Seeds

Red Aztec Spinach Organic


  • Organic Huauzontle
  • Certified Organic seeds
  • Grow for leaves or seeds
  • Matures in 90-100 days
  • Open pollinated seeds

Product Description

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Chenopodium nuttalliae. This is a cultivated plant known as Huauzontle — pronounced “wah-ZONT-lay.” Red Aztec Spinach organic seeds. The close relationship between this ancient meso-American crop and quinoa are obvious as soon as it blooms. The seed head that follows produces bowls full of edible grains, but without the bitter saponin coating found on quinoa seeds. The immature leaves are also edible and add a splash of colour to salads. The leaves taste quite similar to quinoa, being nutty and rich in chlorophyll. Try huauzontle as micro-greens, too, ready to harvest after only 21 days.

Matures in 90-100 days (for seed). (Open-pollinated seeds)


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