ON591 Patterson F1 Storage Onion
ON591 Patterson F1 Storage Onion seeds



  • Extremely good storage onion
  • High yielding
  • Long day type
  • Matures in 104 days

Product Description

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This fantastic long day storage onion replaces the much loved Copra. Patterson onion seeds produce very round, uniform bulbs with strong skins and a capacity for storage that can stretch to several months. It is the perfect onion for fall and winter use, but they may last until the following spring in the right conditions. The bulbs are medium to large in size with thin necks that dry well and quickly. The firm flesh has well defined layers (rings) and a strong flavour. This is probably the best storage onion for southern and central Canada and the northern US.

Matures in 104 days. (Hybrid seeds)

Ships in January, 2019


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