Super Gourmet Salad Blend
Super Gourmet SaladSuper Gourmet SaladSuper Gourmet Salad

Super Gourmet Salad Blend

4.4 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
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  • Blend of 5 popular lettuce varieties
  • Pretty enough for the flower garden
  • Good colour and contrast
  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 60-80 days

Product Description

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Super Gourmet Salad Blend combines five very popular lettuce varieties in equal quantities. Even as seedlings, their appearance is quite different and they can be easily thinned to your chosen proportions in the row. Sow small amounts at two to three week intervals for a continuous harvest. This blend is pretty enough for the flower garden. The blend includes Simpson Elite, Salad Bowl, Rouge d’Hiver, Grand Rapids, and Darkness – so you get a nice range of colours and leaf shapes for instant mixed salads all summer long. This is a great blend for growing as microgreens or baby salad greens in the Growlight Garden.

Matures in 60-80 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

How to Grow Lettuce

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Lettuce can be harvested from the garden from late spring to the late fall, and sometimes (given a bit of protection) all winter. The high protein chlorophyll in the dark-green leaves is highly nutritious. Salads are not complete without these leafy greens! Follow along with this handy How to Grow Lettuce from seed  Guide and grow fresh salad leaves all season long.

Lactuca sativa
Family: Asteraceae


We Recommend: There are far too many great lettuces to recommend just one. Our Super Gourmet Salad Blend (LT455) remains our most popular blend and offers a whole range of textures and colours.
For Urban Growers: Nothing beats our Fast & Furious Babyleaf Blend (LT502) for variety, flavour, and speed. Harvest as baby greens in only 35 days from planting. It grows perfectly well in containers and window boxes. Each of the six component lettuces are certified organic.

Season & Zone
Season: Cool season
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Zone: 4-12

Lettuce grows best in cool weather in the spring and fall. Sow in April every 2-3 weeks for a continual harvest. Using a cloche, cold frame, or greenhouse over mid-late August plantings can extend the harvest period right into winter. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 10-22°C (50-72°F). Seeds should sprout in 7-15 days, depending on conditions. Seeds don’t sprout easily when the soil temperature is over 22°C (72°F) in summer. Get around this by sprouting them indoors in a cool area, or pre-sprout by sprinkling seeds on a damp paper towl and placing it in a plastic bag in the fridge for a few days. In hot weather lettuce goes to seed rapidly, so have new plantings ready to go.

Direct sow or start indoors and transplant. Sow seeds 5mm (¼”) deep, or on the surface of the soil where the soil can be kept evenly moist.. Space or thin heading lettuce to 30cm (12″) apart. Space or thin looseleaf varieties to 20-25cm (8-10″) apart. Space rows for all types 45-90cm (18-36″) apart. Babyleaf lettuce can be planted quite densely, as it is harvested at an immature size. Sowing babyleaf lettuce seeds closely together in narrow rows makes harvesting simpler.

Note on Pelleted Seeds: A number of our lettuce seeds are pelleted for machine planting. The clay ball that covers each seed makes them easier to handle and easier to see when planted. While most lettuce seeds need to be barely covered (or sown on the surface of the soil), pelleted seeds need to be buried by about 1cm (1/2″). Please keep your newly sown pelleted seeds evenly moist – use more water than with conventional seeds. If the soil is allowed to dry out, the clay pelleting material can wick water away from the seed, causing uneven or lower germination.

Ideal pH: 6.0-6.5. Aim for a soil with ample drainage and lots of organic matter. Add compost and lime at least 3 weeks prior to planting. 1 cup of complete organic fertilizer per 3m (10′) of row will give adequate nutrition. Seedlings should be hardened off by reducing water and putting the plants outdoors 2 or 3 days before transplanting. This will help to prevent transplant shock and premature bolting. Regular watering is essential to prevent leaves from getting bitter. Most varieties will be ready for harvesting as baby leaves in half the days shown on the packet.

Pick individual leaves or wait and harvest full heads. Summer lettuce stays in prime eating condition only a short time, so harvest promptly and keep planting. In fall and winter the plants stay in good eating condition longer.

Seed Info
In optimal growing conditions at least 70% of seeds will germinate. Usual seed life: 3 years. Per 100′ row: 240 seeds head lettuce/1.2M seeds leaf type, per acre: 58M seeds head lettuce/348M leaf type.

Diseases & Pests
Crop rotation is also important for disease prevention. Tip burn (tips of leaves turning brown) is caused by a calcium deficiency. If you have limed, tip burn can be caused by nutrient imbalances or lack of moisture. Slugs are a problem in early and late plantings, so clean up their hiding places.

Companion Planting
Lettuce plants make good companions for beets, Brassicas, carrot, celery, chervil, cucumbers, dill, garlic, onions, radish, spinach, squash, and strawberries.

More on Companion Planting.

5 reviews for Super Gourmet Salad Blend

  1. 5 out of 5


    We grow this blend starting in Febuary! I bought a old wheel barrel at a garage sale and punch holes in the bottom for dranage then fill it with compost and mushroom manure. Spinkle it with SGSB and fine mist of water. Put a clear plastic on top and bring it inside to a warm place. Voilà 90 percent of the seed germinate! I then move it in and outside when the weather is warm and put on a south wall. I once took the wheel barrle it to a potluck and serve Fresh salad. This year I am going to grow it all winter under plastic cloche.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have planted this mix in the early spring for the past 4 years. I plant in April and we are eating colourful salad by the end of may.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Fresh tasting, crisp and beautiful mix. Love growing these in flats under lights in the winter and as a hardy initial ground cover in my greenhouse.

  4. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’m an Alnerta gardener & this lettuce mix proved easy & fast to grow. That said, some that are in the variety were a bitter leaf & by August the few I’d planted were bolted. Despite planting more in July, those have remained immature by the end of August.

  5. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love the variety. I got one of every color and shape and they are so juicy!. They have been going strong from May till now, without bolting (summer in QC). I am very impressed that just shade was enough for them to extend through summer without any new plantings. So prolific and trouble free.

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