Bolsachica Organic Lettuce Seeds

Bolsachica Organic


  • Certified organic
  • Upright growth
  • Disease resistant
  • Matures in 35-40 days

Product Description

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! The highly varied leaf margins of Bolsachica Organic add loft and character to baby leaf salad mixes. The leaves are medium green and a bit thicker than others, and they grow highly upright which makes bulk harvesting much easier. Home gardeners can grow this baby leaf lettuce in trays or containers, and should expect more than once harvest of tasty greens. Greenhouse producers will appreciate the amazing disease resistance package that comes with this tasty green. It has high resistance downy mildew races 1-26, 28, 32, N. ribisnigri aphid and lettuce dieback complex. It also has intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus.

Matures in 35-40 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)


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