Golden Pearls Solanum Villosum Seeds

Golden Pearls


  • Fast growing
  • New to western gardens
  • Good for containers
  • Grows to 90cm (36″)

Product Description

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Solanum villosum. Very new to the west, this fruit forming shrub has been cultivated for centuries in Africa for its sweet golden berries. The small yellow fruits resemble yellow currants, but they are more closely related to tomatoes. This plant grows well in containers, and begins to produce early in the season, right into autumn if kept well picked. It grows to a height of 90cm (36″). Avoid eating the unripe fruit.

Barely cover Golden Pearls Solanum villosum seeds, and keep the soil warm and moist until they sprout. Provide strong light conditions to prevent leggy growth, and provide support as the plants grow. Growth is quite quick.

(Open-pollinated seeds)


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