Peppergrass Curly Cress
Peppergrass Curly CressPeppergrass Curly CressPeppergrass Curly Cress

Curly Cress Peppergrass


  • Really spices up a salad or sandwich
  • Rapidly growing, frilly leaves
  • Plant a small amount frequently
  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 10 days

Product Description

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Lepidium sativum. Fast-growing, frilly leaves leap out of the ground. A little cress really spices up a salad or sandwich. Plant a small amount of Curly Cress Peppergrass seeds frequently or grow indoors as microgreens in nearly any size of container. Curly Cress is a good seed to use in classroom settings because of its super sonic growth rate. The taste is mildly spicy and not too dissimilar to black pepper. It is a relative of both Watercress and the mustard family, and boasts a similar flavour profile. Cress is an incredibly rich source of vitamin C and K.

Matures in 10 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)


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