Micro Clover Seeds

Micro Clover Seed Raw


  • Uses less water than turf
  • Stays greener longer
  • Stands up to foot traffic
  • Does not attract chafer beetles
  • Raw, uncoated, non-pelleted seeds
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Product Description

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Trifolium repens var. Pipolina. This is the raw, non-pelleted version of Micro Clover Seed (XM998). More and more home owners are seeing the advantages of replacing lawn areas by incorporating micro clover seed. As a legume, micro clover fixes atmospheric nitrogen in nodes along its roots. This directly benefits grasses by fertilizing the soil naturally. Healthier grasses maintain a richer colour for longer in the season, and require less water and no further fertilizer whatsoever. Because clover grows so densely, it crowds out weeds, and prevents weed seeds from becoming established. And it doesn’t form a thatch, so it won’t become infested by European chafer beetles.

When micro clover is mowed, its leaves grow tiny and numerous, with fewer flowers than conventional clovers. It can be mowed shorter than typical lawn grasses, and it’s tough enough for children and pets to play on. Studies show that it also becomes established faster than grass seeds.


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