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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Vicia villosa. Hardy Annual. This nitrogen fixer is a lanky and sprawling, but versatile legume that is fairly tolerant of acid soils, drought, and light shade. Its high biomass makes it ideal for no-till growing. Hairy Vetch Organic will suppress weeds, feed bumble bees and other pollinators, fix nitrogen in the soil, and survive in a cold winter. Apply seed inoculant to seeds before planting. It can be mowed down in spring to supply good mulch. Hardy to Zone 4: -34°C (-30°F).

500g covers approximately 145 m² (1,560 ft²). Sow Hairy Vetch cover crop seeds from early March to mid-April, and again August to mid-September.

NOTE: Hairy Vetch seeds are toxic to chickens, so plant out of the way of foraging flocks or cut the vetch while it is just flowering.

(Open-pollinated seeds)


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