Serendipity Triplesweet Corn Seeds

Serendipity Triplesweet


  • Triplesweet hybrid
  • Non-GMO
  • Matures in 82 days
  • IR: SCLB
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Product Description

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Serendipity Triplesweet corn was the first triplesweet hybrid to be developed. It’s a bi-colour variety with 75% sugary sweet kernels and 25% supersweet. The former brings sweetness and the latter offers traditional corn taste. The ears grow to 20cm (8″) long, with 16 to 18 rows of tender kernels on well filled, tightly packed cobs with tight husks. The plants grow to 2m (6′) tall in just 82 days. this variety boasts intermediate resistance to Southern Corn Leaf Blight. Be sure to wait until the soil has warmed to around 21°C (70°F) before planting these untreated, non-GMO corn seeds.

Matures in 82 days. (Hybrid seeds)


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