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Celery & Celeriac Seeds

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Plant celery seeds and celeriac seeds in early spring for a late summer harvest. Celery straight from the garden is crisp and flavourful. It is excellent for summer salads, soup or juicing. Celeriac is a variety of celery grown for the root. The knobby exterior is peeled to reveal the white flesh, which can be eaten raw or cooked. Recently Celeriac has become a foodie favourite – roasted, mashed, blended for soup, or made into potato latkes.

Planting and growing celery seeds and Celeriac seeds have a unique place in the garden and in the kitchen. Flavourful, yet have so few calories. On the Coast, consider growing for picking in fall and early winter. Celery is a vegetable with a few more demands than some, read are How to Grow Celery from Seed instructions. Celeriac is much easier, and does not require the same level of attention.

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