Voltaire Asparagus Seeds

Voltaire Asparagus


  • Can produce green or white asparagus
  • Excellent quality
  • High yield potential
  • Very early
  • 100% male variety
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Product Description

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Technically, all asparagus varieties can be blanched to produce white spears, but Voltaire has been bred specifically for the job. It is widely used by European growers to achieve the stark white spears known as spargel. White asparagus is more tender than green, with a milder, almost nutty flavour. Traditional growers pile soil or sand up around the spears as they emerge in spring, but black mulch can also be used. It may be simpler to use some kind of wooden box or inverted trash can to keep the spears in the dark as they grow. Left unblanched, Voltaire will produce tasty green spears.

Voltaire is a clonal hybrid that produces vigorous, tall, all male plants. It is early yielding (once established), and adapted to temperate climates. It boasts a high resistance to Purple Spot, and intermediate resistance to Rust.

Hybrid seeds.


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