Purple Asparagus Crowns

Purple Asparagus Crowns


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Sweeter and milder to most palates than the traditional green types, it’s fun to incorporate some Purple Asparagus Crowns into the perennial vegetable garden. Plant these crowns in early spring, and do not harvest for the first year. Instead let the stalks and fern-like foliage grow so it can photosynthesize and take energy from the sun. This will improve the health of the roots (crown), and generally give the plants a better chance at a long life. Remember that asparagus beds are permanent, so the should should be deeply cultivated and enriched with lots of organic matter in the form of finished compost and/or well rotted manure. It’s also a good idea to add some Glacial Rock Dust at planting time, just to incorporate some minerals. Purple asparagus turns green when cooked.

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