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Plant Fuggles organic hops rhizomes for the aroma of its strongly scented flowers. This aroma adds a whole new dimension to a wide assortment of beer recipes. Fuggles adds a mild, subdued, subtle note of lightly bitter, floral hoppiness and vegetative smokiness that makes it perfect for use in craft brewing. Hops grows super fast, and super tall before dying back at the end of the season. Be sure to provide an adequate trellis, or grow it straight up a long cable or pole. Flowers mature in late summer for drying and use in home beer making. Fuggles is a rare variety for the beer gourmet.

Order now for April, 2017 shipping.

Aroma: Fuggles is herbal and spicy with only a distant hint of pine.
Flavour: Vegetative and woody, with some bitterness.


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