French Gourmet Shallot Sets ON583-1

French Gourmet Shallot Sets


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Product Description

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Get a head start on your shallots this year by planting French gourmet shallot sets. These sets were started from seed and then made to go dormant for storage. Plant them in March or April, and harvest full size, intensely flavourful French gourmet shallots by late summer. Once mature, your shallots can be cured to store for months, just like storage onions. These shallots have a more refined, slightly stronger flavour than onions, but boast all the healthful nutritional benefits. Save time by planting these sets in the spring, and avoid all the hassle of starting from shallot seeds in trays indoors.

Order now for spring 2019 shipping!

Seasonal item shipping: Items shipped at specific times of the year such as garlic, potatoes, onion sets, asparagus crowns, mason bee cocoons, nematodes and flower bulbs require special handling. They will be shipped separately as a new order with the applicable regional shipping charges applies. Whenever possible, we will combine your orders to minimize shipping charges. 

Although we do not foresee a jump in prices, spring-harvested live goods are subject to shifts in availability and demand. Please confirm pricing in January.


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