Butterfly Bush Bulbs BU240-1

Butterfly Bush Milkweed Bulbs


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Product Description

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Asclepias tuberosa. The versatile and wonderful plant is now available as a Butterfly Bush Milkweed Bulbs (tubers) to grow and flower this year to support Monarch butterflies. Its fragrant, brilliant orange flowers are highly ornamental but deer will walk on by, making it a good plant for rural gardens. Hardy to Zone 4, height to 70cm (27″). Sometimes called Orange Milkweed, this hardy, drought-proof perennial is intensely attractive to butterflies and other beneficial garden insects. Waxy green stems to 70cm (27″) tall are topped by vivid orange flower clusters. This is one of the nectar plants depended on by the monarch butterfly.

Planting the tubers is easy. If you receive them before you feel it is appropriate to plant outside, or there is still a foot of snow on the ground, just plant the tubers in containers with drainage holes, using regular container soil. Whether in containers or straight into the ground, just cover be root lengths by around 2cm (1″) of soil. Watch for any growing tips, and plant these closer to the surface (“less buried” than the rest) so the plants can sprout.

Includes two tubers.

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