Huacatay Peruvian Black Mint Seeds
Huacatay Peruvian Black Mint Seeds



  • Annual
  • Can reach 2m (6′)
  • Complex herbal scent
  • Ancient Andean ingredient

Product Description

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Tagetes minuta. Also known as Huacatay, this Andean native is more closely related to the marigold than to mint. But its complex herbal aroma immediately reminds one of mint. Notes of cilantro, licorice, and citrus can also be detected. It is said to make an excellent alternative for those who dislike the flavour of cilantro. The leaves will be familiar to anyone who has grown marigolds, but the Latin species name refers to its sparse and diminutive flowers. Yet the plants can reach 2m (6′) tall, so they are a striking addition to the herb garden. The roots of Peruvian Black Mint are known to kill many perennial weeds, including Ground Elder, Couch Grass, and Field Bind Weed. This herb is a staple ingredient in a number of Peruvian dishes.



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