Deep Purple Lavender
Deep Purple LavenderDeep Purple Lavender

Lavance Deep Purple


  • Perennial
  • Hardy to Zone 5
  • Flowers in the first year
  • Deer resistant

Product Description

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Lavandula angustifolia. Very tight clusters of deep purple flowers sit atop spikes that grow to 25-30cm (10-12″) tall. The flowers are highly scented and dry particularly well. Grow this perennial English lavender in full sun, in well drained soil. It is hardy to Zone 5, but blooms the first year, so it can be treated as an annual in cooler gardens. The upright growth of Lavance Deep Purple lavender has a spread of about 30cm (12″), and it blooms from late spring right into autumn. Bees seem intoxicated by its fragrant purple blooms. This variety is drought resistant and can stand high summer temperatures. Plus it is resistant to deer and rabbits, so it’s great for coastal gardens.



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