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Tetra Goldkrone Organic


  • Especially high yielding
  • Late flowering tetraploid type
  • Appropriate for open field growing
  • Use for cut flowers or pickling
  • Certified Organic

Tetra Goldkrone Organic dill seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Especially high yielding and late flowering tetraploid type dill appropriate for open field growing, cut flowers, pickling, market tables, or casual use in the home garden. Goldkrone dill produces more abundant foliage for longer in the season, and is slow bolting so the flowers do not form mid-summer like other dill varieties. This is very useful if you want to farm dill and supply restaurants or markets with bunched foliage without all the flowers and seeds. “Tetraploid” is a reference to polyploidy in crops that allows a hybridized variety to produce viable seeds. It is a breeding process, not a method of genetic engineering.

The structure of dill’s flowers is known as an umbel. Thus dill is considered an umbelliferous plant. Other umbellifers include carrots, cilantro, fennel, parsnips, and Ammi. All of these plants are attractive to predatory insects such as lady beetles, Syrphid flies (hover-flies), lacewings, and tiny parasitoid wasps. Organic gardeners like to grow dill precisely to attract these beneficial insects, for they will control pest insects like aphids, thrips, whitefly, and the caterpillar of the Small White Butterfly (cabbage moth).


HR1082A, HR1082B, HR1082C, HR1082D, HR1082E


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