Cumin Seeds for Organic Growing



  • Attracts beneficials
  • Height to 50cm (20″)
  • Highly aromatic seeds
  • Easy to grow and harvest

Product Description

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Cuminum cyminum. Cumin is one of the most widely used spices in the world. Its strong flavour balances well with other aromatic spices, and it is central to an incredibly wide range of spice mixes and marinades. In a good hot summer, cumin will produce a wide, robust umbel of tiny white flowers, followed by the unmistakable seeds. While in bloom, cumin joins its cousins cilantro, caraway, and dill as highly prized food sources for a host of beneficial insects. Cumin can even be planted for this single purpose, and it will attract ladybird beetles, lacewings, hover flies, and a wide range of predatory wasps. Cumin grows to about 50cm (20″) tall.

Matures in 120 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)


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