Wheel Easy LE Folding Wheelbarrow
Wheel Easy LE Folding WheelbarrowWheel Easy LE Folding Wheelbarrow

Wheel Easy LE Folding Wheelbarrow


  • Carries up to 150 lbs
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Compartment rests at ground level
  • Sturdy rubber tire
  • Lightweight design

Product Description

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Yard work just got easier with the Wheel Easy LE Folding Wheelbarrow. It’s a clever folding wheelbarrow that is both sturdy, but light weight. Its compartment reaches ground level with the handles resting on the ground, so you can push, rake, drag, pull, or heave objects into it, and then move them where you need them. The Wheel Easy LE makes raking leaves much simpler, but you can also shift heavy rocks, plant pots, or whatever you need. Then it folds down to a compact size for storage. It will hold up to 150 lbs with confidence.


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