Tomato Halos HG983-1
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Tomato Halos


  • Reduce competition from weeds
  • Deliver water & nutrients to the root zone
  • 3 quart reservoir
  • Hill up soil around stem
  • Set of 3 Halos
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Product Description

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Control weeds, extend the soil column, and water deeply with these plastic collars for your tomato plants. The drainage holes on the bottom of the 3 quart reservoir get water deeper into the root system for more robust, even growth. By adding soil up around the lower stem, you can exploit the natural “advantitious” roots that form around the stems of tomato plants. Tomato Halos inject water deeper into the soil, around the roots of tomato plants. This allows you to use liquid organic fertilizers like liquid kelp or compost tea to deliver nutrients where they are needed, and not waste them on the soil surface to evaporation.

Set of 3 Halos.


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