Snip-n-Drip Hose Couplers
Snip-n-Drip Hose CouplersSnip-n-Drip Hose CouplersSnip-n-Drip Hose Couplers

Snip-n-Drip Hose Couplers


  • Works with all Snip-n-Drip systems
  • Easy to use
  • Save precious water
  • Fully customizable
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Product Description

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If you need to further customize any of the Snip-n-Drip systems, simply cut the hoses as needed and use these Snip-n-Drip hose couplers. Use them to alternate lengths of regular garden hose and soaker hose. The Snip-n-Drip system allows you to get water exactly where you want it in the garden and do away with wasteful overhead sprinkler systems. Water on foliage is an invitation to plant diseases such as late blight and powdery mildew. Drip irrigation gets water immediately into the soil where nutrients are taken up by plants’ roots, and microbes help to break down organic matter.



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